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11:13am 13/06/2004
  I havent updated here in a while..this is so boring..blah im out..  
08:18pm 02/04/2004
mood: confused
Hey there..my name is Pamela and im new. Hope you all have a nice day.

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03:38pm 24/03/2004
  once upon a time...  
03:11am 30/11/2003
mood: artistic
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05:04pm 04/11/2003
mood: busy
what's up with our community? we need to bring it back to life, y'all! post something, anything.... lisset, what's up in Ohio? Zayra, how's Zebring? Nici, who's the new boy <3 ? etc etc etc....... I like the name of this community so i wanna keep it going hahaha...
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09:02am 13/08/2003
Avenue D is performing.

weekend of my birthday.
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04:01pm 06/08/2003
  Ok guys, seriously now, let's plan a cool trip for Thanksgiving weekend.... I suggest London, because anywhere we go the weather will be shitty... London always has shitty weather so it won't be a big deal... there's Paris, but Paris is just so lovely in the spring that it would suck to go there in winter.... So London would be perfect....

Zayra and I were looking at five and six night packages... the lowest one was only $632, R/T, hotel, and all taxes included.... I think it's a very very good deal.... (It's like $499, but with the taxes and all comes to $632)....

Nici doesn't want to go anywhere because she says Thanksgiving is "family time"... I say family time is everyday, and she can always celebrate thanksgiving the week before =P So let's get to it and go to London, damnit! don't make me go by myself! =P

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03:28pm 14/07/2003
  okay hows everyones schdule for work this week?
we must do something. come on first off i know that
everyone gets paid because we all get paid on the sameday.
so you cant pull off the "im broke" bullshit.

11:00am 05/07/2003
  okay so i got the money to go get my other tattoo its going to be the rose on my wrist.i had a hard deciding where i wanted to start my sleeves so i decided that im going to do my wrist.all i need to do is talk to jacksin find out when hes working and how much its going to cost me.I hope not a huge amount of money.i also need someone who isnt too busy after three to take me. which pretty much takes out pretty much everyone.hmm? ill find someone i guess.any suggestions?  
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4th of July weekend... 
05:23pm 03/07/2003
  So what's going on this weekend? Zayra and I are working all weekend long but that doesn't stop us from partying I am sure!
Tonight I'm going to Rumi, my friend does a cool Bohemian-type party there, but it's an early thing... Friday night I'd like to go to Revolver.. =)
Saturday I'm chillin' at home, though...
Anyway, Willy's band is playing July 12th at Poplife, we gotta go to that... it's also their CD release party...

Nici, when are you getting your sparrow??
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03:57pm 02/07/2003
mood: bored
okay ive realized that we havent been updating this. come on there must be something coming up or somewhere someone wants to go and needs a partner in.

show coming up.
August 12 @ the factory
Midtown,My Chemical Romance,Reggie and the full effects and Senses Fail.
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02:05pm 24/06/2003
  hey kitties!! well, i think we should all go out and get tattooed on our next pay check.me and nici are down for it.but is anyone else willing to get inked.dont be pussys and do it.
we are not getting the same tattoo though just get w/e you want but on the sameday.
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04:11pm 18/06/2003
  OK, so who's coming to this party?! invitations will be done by the end of the night and hand delivered tomorrow. i need a head count before i get off work. !!!! and i need an address for the hotel/motel or whereever it is we're gonna party on saturday. the latest i can know is 7:00pm TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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12:55pm 17/06/2003
  Lisset, you need to update your LJ =P  
Sinbad is out 
11:52am 17/06/2003
mood: optimistic
Ok I just called the Sinbad, and it's so ridiculously cheap, only $40 for saturday night... BUT, I asked the chick if it was ok to do a bachelorette's party (hehe) and she said no, they only allow 2 people per room.... so basically I think the area prostitutes have a deal with that motel.... :S the Seven Seas motel had the same price and policy... going to check on some more...

We need to organize a protest... put an end to the prostitute's monopoly of our local motels!!

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11:06am 17/06/2003
mood: giddy
Should I call Thai? and invite him to the party?
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10:06am 17/06/2003
  Ok, I'm going to make a few calls.... Find out what's available around Biscayne... I still think we should stay at the Sinbad hahaha....
We can always drive around biscayne and ask the prostitutes which motel they think is the best one =P

If I can't find anything worthwhile over the phone then we'll meet at BJ's hialeah, say, at around 4 pm?? (I have to go to the gym at 3, so I can't be there right after work)
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Ok, let's get this party started... 
07:05pm 16/06/2003
mood: determined
First order of business is to plan badass kitty Lisset's birthday party this weekend... It has been discussed that perhaps the theme will be an Ugly Dress party... The party will start friday evening and end sometime on sunday or so.... It will take initiation at Revolver from what I understand....

Badass kitties, enlist, and let's get this party planned....

Who's going to contact the badass motels? hahahah =P

PS. On another note, this journal style sucks.. can anyone help me modify this journal and make it look more badass kitty-style?? =D
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06:11pm 16/06/2003
mood: anxious
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