A. (abderhazy) wrote in badasskitties,


Ok guys, seriously now, let's plan a cool trip for Thanksgiving weekend.... I suggest London, because anywhere we go the weather will be shitty... London always has shitty weather so it won't be a big deal... there's Paris, but Paris is just so lovely in the spring that it would suck to go there in winter.... So London would be perfect....

Zayra and I were looking at five and six night packages... the lowest one was only $632, R/T, hotel, and all taxes included.... I think it's a very very good deal.... (It's like $499, but with the taxes and all comes to $632)....

Nici doesn't want to go anywhere because she says Thanksgiving is "family time"... I say family time is everyday, and she can always celebrate thanksgiving the week before =P So let's get to it and go to London, damnit! don't make me go by myself! =P

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